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29 Apr 2020

What are the latest kitchen trends for 2020 ?

This is an excellent question , just what are the latest trends ?


Here we explore just what makes a kitchen or a style the latest trend .

We all know that deciding on your new kitchen can quickly become a daunting and overwhelmingly stressful task. There is too much choice, not to mention all the rapidly advancing technology constantly bombarding the market with promises to improve cooking techniques, space maximisation and ergonomics.

Naturally, one turns to the internet and industry magazines for inspiration. Whilst Pinterest, Houzz, Ideal Home and Kitchen & Garden magazines may provide some stunning ideas, they rarely answer that elusive question - “what is the latest trend?” Wherever you turn for ideas each magazine or online portal will predict a different trend from the other. This is quite simply because publishers generate income from their advertisers and not from collective industry data. Thus, the secret to “Trends” within the Kitchen industry is largely mythical. Ideal Home can predict green cabinetry and accessories simultaneous to Which magazine predicting plywood and other “raw” looking materials such as exposed wood and concrete. Consider both concepts and think about your own kitchen space - could you incorporate these trends that are so vastly conflicting?

At the end of the day, trend or no trend, the secret to a beautiful kitchen is achieved, not through following conflicting trends, but by making informed decisions to ensure your new kitchen compliments the space it occupies. 

Choosing a kitchen is much less daunting than you might imagine. Nothing wrong with researching a few ideas and falling in love with images of your dream kitchen. Now let us find out whether your dream can become a reality within the space you have available. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to your kitchen – it is a space that is uniquely personal to you and ultimately you can do whatever you want, trend or no trend.

Despite what seems overwhelming out there, as far as kitchens go, there are only 4 basic choices: –

  1. Traditional style (Shaker or In-frame), Contemporary (Slab door) or a mixture of both. 

  2. Handles, without handles or a mixture of both

  3. Texture and colour (real wood, melamine, vinyl wrapped, gloss, laminate or veneered)

  4. Appliances (integrated or freestanding) and worktops (laminate, Quartz or Dekton)

You can quickly jot down your preferences in each of the above four choices.

Now I will take you through a few other questions to help you validate your preferences in each category:

In what period was your property built ?

Your property style should be a factor in your choice of kitchen furniture. This is not to say that you cannot install a highly contemporary kitchen in a listed building, of course you can, but it would not harm to think about the ramifications. Older properties are notoriously “quirky”, more so than recently built properties.

For practical and cost purposes, one must consider wall angles, ceiling heights, beams, fireplaces, utility access and much more. Whilst you can easily choose contemporary furniture in a more traditional space, handless kitchens present challenges in rooms with less or more than 90-degree angled walls and ceilings, thus racking up manufacturer and fitter surcharges.  Traditional shaker or in-frame furniture is more forgiving around awkward angles and spaces and can also incorporate contemporary twists to reduce bespoke costing but simultaneously embrace the period of the property.

Is the Kitchen going to be installed in your forever home?

It stands to reason that if you are not intending to relocate in the foreseeable future, you are less likely to compromise on your dream kitchen and thus be more flexible on budget. However, if you are intending to move or rent the property, be mindful in choosing something generically aesthetic, practical and less personal.

Consider your appliance choices and worktops – tenants are unlikely to be as vigilant in their care and upkeep of the space so choose more robust alternatives or be content to do a refurbishment every so often.

What is the available space for your kitchen?

Your dream kitchen may indeed be an island seating four or more and a million cupboards to cram all those necessary but not so frequently used juicers, mixers, dryers and spiralisers. Be realistic about your available space.

If your kitchen is galley rather than gallery, natural light and colour selection becomes critical. Consider lighter shades with fewer wall units and handless to reduce protrusions that might obstruct you. You might like to consider reflective surfaces in polished work surfaces and mirrored (yes, I said it) splashbacks – there are some wonderful options to lighten and give the illusion of space – you will be amazed at what is available. In narrow kitchen spaces, forget the island seating four and consider a peninsula. Designed correctly that corner unit offset from a side wall is the perfect storage for those necessary but not so often used essentials!

What is your favourite colour?

Colour is mystical - we all have our favourites. Colour combinations add ever more complexity to that mystic and often create the inevitable make or break! One thing you can be confident about is that colour is all about natural light, without it, we have no colour. Literally. What I am trying to say is that if you are a dark colour lover and believe in Ideal Home trend with dark green for 2020 and your intended kitchen space has limited light, you are destined to make your morning coffee in a gloomy uninspiring space. Fact.

Natural Light, light, light. Golden rule. Never choose your kitchen door colour until you have borrowed the door colour of your choice and watched it in the natural light of day in your kitchen space. Rule of thumb – less light, the lighter and more reflective surfaces you need for your space.

Large extensions or spaces with ceiling windows and adjacent wall bifold windows (which are an actual trend) have no limit to the colour and texture spectrum – in large light spaces you can literally choose an unlimited number of colours and textures.

How much time will you spend in your kitchen?  

Are you that guy challenging Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver or Atul Cochhar in your culinary skills or are you the guy who just loves the aesthetics and showing off the latest gadgets? That will ultimately determine what appliances you have at your disposal. Kitchens can look sophisticated and state of the art or they can indeed be exactly that. All determined through choice and, of course, budget.


Freestanding appliances versus integrated. Well, I think you can ask any interior designer across the globe what their preference is these days – I am certain they will vote for integrated.

In bygone years, replacing an appliance integrated into a unit was difficult, to say the least, but today designs have incorporated the possibility of change.The only reason for integrated versus stand-alone appliances is a matter or choice or nostalgia, all of which can be catered for.

That, I hope, has given some food for thought if you have read the article through, which was lengthy - I apologise but we love what we do.

Trend or no trend, Kitchens is what we do - Inner Peace Interiors help you every step of the way.  We have over 40 years collective design and installation experience to turn your space into a masterpiece.

As Master Partners to the leading UK appliance and worktop suppliers, we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to trending appliances and technology to advise on the best use of your space.

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